Agne has worked in market and user research for over 20 years. She currently leads the Customer and Market Research department at Pipedrive, where she has worked for almost 4 years now. Prior to Pipedrive, Agne worked for the research company Kantar Emor, where she advised clients from various fields, led the media strategy department at different times, and later, managed the client strategies department. Agne has a lot of experience especially in the field of market research. Working at Pipedrive has added quite a decent experience in the field of UX. There is a principle in Pipedrive - everyone calls! At the conference, Agne will share her experience on how to organize customer research in the organization in such a way that everyone can handle it and be able to use the insights in development process.
Aku has worked at Dot. since it was reborn as its own entity. As Junior Legal Designer, he is strongly involved in every part of the customer projects. Aku is a part of the new generation of the legal industry, and as a lawyer-to-be, he really believes that law is not really designed at all and something needs to change.  Most people focus on the technical side of change – AI, blockchain and automation. But in reality, also our ways of thinking of legal work must change. Legal design introduces a new kind of mindset.  Aku and Christine will present concrete cases that feature measurable improvements. This will hopefully inspire the audience to try these methods also. In 2020, Dottir Attorney won the prestigious design award Fennia Prize Grand Prix, for its human-centered approach to legal services.
Bård Annweiler is one of the two co-founders of the award-winning Norwegian design agency Mission, which opened in 2001. He has more than 20 years of experience leading branding projects, from strategy to implementation, across sectors including lifestyle, technology and professional services. Drawing on his experience with clients, agencies and several active board positions, he helps some of the leading Scandinavian businesses reimagine how they interact with both their customers and employees. Bård helps organizations articulate and deliver clear, credible brand strategies based on meaningful purpose. “People connect to brands that contribute something meaningful to the world.” In his speech he illustrates how combining identity and purpose can create customer, employee and investor engagement. Bård speaks about value of a clear purpose as the fundamental reason why today’s companies and brands are successful in business.
Christine is the most recent addition to Dot.'s ranks. As a Legal Design Summit veteran, she has long shared the passion for better legal services and is a natural as a Junior Legal Designer. Christine is a creative problem solver and a-lawyer-to-be who feels that combining design and law is the key to sustainable practice of law, no matter the field or industry.
Hegert is the founder and partner of Vahva Solutions, a company that develops assistive devices for wheelchair users with weak hands. Based on his belief that there is always a solution around the corner, Hegert has constantly pushed the boundaries that hold people in wheelchairs back, including himself. His active career as an IT entrepreneur has brought Hegert recognition through his award-winning web solutions, and his work has been awarded with Golden Eggs, Estonian Design and Internet Awards. By developing devices for people with mobility disability, Hegert enables his peers around the world to regain one of the most important skills that trauma or illness has taken from them – independence in managing daily activities. Vahva Solutions’ reacher  I Can Grab has reached customers in Estonia and Great Britain and is entering new markets in Europe.  At the conference Hegert talks about how personal experience and need gave birth to this life-changing product.
Helen helps to build products for her clients using design thinking. She was partner and Creative Lead in Nortal, where she has created user experience solutions for both public and private sector enterprises in USA, Germany, Finland, Estonia and UEA. Besides that, she has developed and designed products for many different startups. Her supernatural powers also include facilitating hands-on workshops which have helped to shape business processes, products and services of leading global companies, thereby leveraging their competitive advantage. In her presentation Helen talks about design systems, that enables teams across the enterprise to self-organize and make better design decisions faster, through a system of established practices and readymade building blocks. So teams can deliver a coherent, integrated set of solutions across the experience of customers and achieve transformation at scale involving all key stakeholders.
After studying logistics in bachelor and supply chain management in masters, Jaan has gathered experiences from various industries. He has worked as a management consultant in internal management consulting unit in Ericsson, supporting the Ericsson Leadership Team with strategy and operational improvements. After moving back to Estonia, Jaan was COO in a medtech start-up leading product development and clinical trials of a sensor to monitor the quality of kidney replacement therapy. Jaan has found the way back to the mobility industry being the Head of Tuul e-scooter rental service in Comodule. At the conference, Jaan shares his experience of how the world's most durable and economical scooter Tuul was designed.
Jane is Design Thinking Coach at Design Minds. As the initiator, curator and moderator of the Design Thinking Conference, she believes in human-centered design. By using a design mindset and tools, our everyday work becomes more meaningful because we know what kind of value we are creating and to whom, and also more efficient, because it makes us focus on the important things. She gained this belief during her 6 years of being the CEO of the Estonian Design Centre where she facilitated service design and design thinking training, masterclasses and innovation programs for various businesses and the public sector.
Jim Kalbach is a noted author, speaker, and instructor in design, customer experience, and strategy. He is currently Chief Evangelist at MURAL, the leading online whiteboard.Jim is the author of three books: Designing Web Navigation (O’Reilly, 2007), Mapping Experiences (O’Reilly, 2016), and most recently The Jobs To Be Done Playbook (Rosenfeld, 2020). He is also the Co-founder and Principal at the JTBD Toolkit, an online resource with learning, trainings, and content. Jim blogs at and tweets under @jimkalbach. At the conference, Jim will conduct an interactive session to help you understand how to use the JTBD toolbox to map customer needs.
Josina is an Associate Professor in Service Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) and Design Lead within the Center for Connected Care (C3) in Norway. Josina has over ten years of experience as a service designer working in international public sector contexts, including in Canada, the United States and Sweden. In her practice, she has developed new services, supported policy change, facilitated shifts in practices across sectors, and led social lab processes. At the conference Josina is leading the workshop Integrating systems thinking in service design. This hands-on workshop will walk participants through a systemic approach to service design to support public sector transformation. In particular, participants will learn about how to become more aware of invisible social structures —such as norms, rules, roles and beliefs— and intentionally shape them within a service design process. 
Juho is the Head of Design at Posti, the Finnish logistics company and national mail carrier, where his team is helping the company with its biggest transformation in 380 years through strategic omni-channel service design. Juho has more than 20 years of experience as a designer, creative team builder, and design strategist, and he also roams organizations around the world as a freelance design culture advisor. 
Kristi is the co-founder and partner of Miltton New Nordics. She has 25 years of experience in the consulting industry, including founding Miltton JLP in 2005. Kristi is most compelled by developing people, consulting organizations on change management and change communications as well as driving important initiatives within the society.   Her most extensive experience comes from the banking sector. She has worked at Hoiupank, Hansapank, and at Swedbank’s Stockholm HQ. In addition, she’s managed communications at Eesti Energia and used to be the head of communications at the Government Office of Estonia. Kristi is also a qualified communications trainer and has led various organizations’ organizational design, service design, or customer experience development projects. Kristi leads the Leader's discussion group at the end of the conference.
Laura is an experienced Service and Business Designer at Gofore and is studying for her Master’s Degree in Leading Sustainable Business Growth. Laura's speciality and area of expertise is utilising design thinking and methods in developing businesses, operating models and processes, especially where people and ICT come together to create value. She has been involved in developing Gofore’s Good Growth concept and runs the Digital is Physical – Toward Sustainable Digitalisation workshop.
Marihum is a Designer whose work focuses on the transformation of business strategies and organizational ecosystems through the study of human behaviors, application of technological foundations, and the development of future and disruptive scenarios.  Her key activities have been to rethink and re-design processes for better customer and employee experiences and also, conceptualizing business ideas and business models to place them on the market. Currently, Marihum is working as the Design Director, Value Officer of eFM, Engaging Places. In 2015, she co-founded Service Design Drinks Milan (SDDM), a design community based on events, debates, and research related to service design methods and trends, technology. In 2020, Marihum Co-founded Transforming Designers, global collaborative research that aims to assess, discuss and envision the evolution of the role of design around the world. Recently, Marihum started a position as an adjunct professor of the Master Product Service System Design. Her academic focus is related to the relationship between creativity, technological foundations, and ethical values. In her presentation Marihum will discuss SDDMilan research on the evolution of the designer's role and shares the pros/cons of the rapid transformation of the Design Identity.
Mark leads the Design and UX teams at Novo Nordisk, where the focus is on innovative drug delivery devices and connected systems. His team is committed to creating thoughtful and holistic user experiences that change the lives of those living with chronic diseases, and to seeding the portfolio with truly user-centered offerings. Prior to joining Novo Nordisk and relocating to Copenhagen, Mark was Creative Director of Digital Health at Teva Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, MA USA. In addition, Mark was an adjunct professor at both the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt), where his courses focused on the intersection of Design and Business. Mark shares his experience of how to lead design teams and how to measure the impact of design in an organization.
During his Master's degree at the Chalmers University of Technology, Simon ran his own e-com business. For the last 10+ years, Simon has been focused on improving the online shopping experience. At first via different management positions at the Swedish Fintech company Klarna, and since four years ago by building the Logtech company Budbee. At Budbee Simon has been part of building the company to the current position as the leading sustainable last-mile/tech company in northern Europe and will share the design journey of achieving that. 
As a hands-on visionary and globally recognized thought leader, Stefan is a senior expert and design director at McKinsey. A recipient of the world’s first master’s degree in service design with contagious energy and 18 years of international experience, Stefan is sought after as a senior advisor, executive coach, and keynote speaker. Stefan has worked with governments, public-sector organizations, and global brands. He is a customer-experience champion and expert, distinguished spokesperson, and advocate within the global service-design community.  Stefan opens the conference with a presentation that introduces McKinsey's 2018 study The Business Value of Design, commenting on and illustrating it with his personal experiences.
Tanel is the founder of KappaZeta and is working on making the benefits of satellite monitoring available to everyone. He has been working in the field of remote sensing for more than 10 years and has a PhD in geoinformatics. He contributed to the development work, as a result of which in 2018 the ARIB introduced the world's first nationwide mowing detection system. Today, he helps provide analysis-ready satellite monitoring data to research, development, spatial analysis and consulting companies. He also develops services for the agricultural and insurance sector. At the conference, Tanel will talk about the design process of a crop monitoring service CropCop, based on satellite monitoring, as part of the Design Masterclass.
Tanja is a sustainability and packaging development professional with 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of needs and drivers in the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry value chain. She is passionate about evidence-based sustainability performance and continuously looking for opportunities to drive business improvements. Tanja has leadership experience through various sustainability and development positions in companies along the packaging value chain with both suppliers and brand owners, especially in food and beverage. She has led packaging development in Finnish food industry companies Valio and Atria, including their international business. Currently, she is leading the Global Sustainability Center of Excellence at Huhtamaki, a global packaging manufacturer operating in 36 countries with about 80 production sites.
Tom has been an independent product designer, consultant & Senior Lecturer of Design Management and Creative Leadership, and is now a brand strategist and the Managing Partner of ANTI in Bergen. A multidisciplinary agency with studios across Norway; working across design & advertising, technology & business development, TV & film production. Tom works with owners & executives to move their brand into the future; using cultural insights, digital design thinking, traditional brand planning & business consulting skills to create strategies that ignite culturally disruptive ideas. He is also a Fellow of the RSA but most importantly a father of two boys who remind him of what really is important.  Tom shares a very specific and unique process of developing Ventizolve by involving users, drawing on a great deal of academic research, anecdotal insight and a wide spectrum of stakeholders... all with a tight NDA during the R&D phase. It’s also a highly ‘political’ project, made possible by changes in wind direction from the war on drugs to harm reduction policies. It’s still early days but in the first 6 months alone in Norway Ventizolve was used to save a life 600 times.
As the Chief Executive Officer of Gofore Estonia, Tuuli is responsible for international business development that aims at building an ethical digital world. Tuuli holds a PhD in Economics and have been active in promoting and consulting on corporate social responsibility and circular economy in Estonia. She is recognised as one of the Top 25 Women Leaders in Software of Europe for 2021. Her special skill is designing and implementing cooperation models that promote co-creation and stakeholder engagement. Most of the successful transformations are nowadays as much about changing the behaviors of people and organizations, as they are about technology. Together, we turn challenges into opportunities. Tuuli is a co-moderator of the Digital is Physical – Toward Sustainable Digitalisation, workshop.
Tytti-Lotta Ojala is one of Finland’s first design thinkers, a visionary evangelist of growth by human-centricity. She has studied design thinking at Stanford University and researched competitiveness by design for her PhD studies. Being a well-known advocate of design thinking, she is a popular speaker in the industry and academia. For the past decade, Tytti-Lotta has created hands-on successful new global strategies, concepts and businesses in the FMCG and lifestyle businesses and helped entire organisations put people first. Currently, she is building a food innovation startup Nordic Umami Company and sparring companies internationally to find growth and competitiveness by design thinking and doing. Tytti-Lotta has a keynote in final session and participates in the discussion round..