In order to fulfill our mission and make design thinking and process accessible to as many people as possible, we are organizing a Design Thinking Conference for the third time.

This year's conference will take place on September 17th at the PROTO Discovery Factory, with the main theme being ecodesign and related inclusive design.

FOR WHOM? Conference for leaders, innovators and product or service developers - we name them all designers.

WHY? Because designers have a huge responsibility for the world we live in. According to the European Parliament, 80% of environmental pollution and 90% of production costs are the result of decisions made in the design phase. This gives the designer a larger footprint than any subsequent step on the journey to the market of a product/service/digital solution.

The footprint theme leaves no room for ignoring it - be it the unused new winter boots, the ever-expanding stack of packaging and paper, the digital garbage that clogs up your phone, PC, mailbox or dysfunctional and inaccessible e-service that wastes time and demands more and more volume and energy from machines. Currently only 9% of extracted materials are reused and 62% of global greenhouse gasses are emitted during extraction, processing and production of goods. There is a significant strain on the planet’s resources, which needs to be reduced*.

Today, the key question is how to make solutions that meet the needs of as many people as possible {inclusive design}, while at the same time maximizing resource and energy efficiency {ecodesign}.

WHAT'S UP?  We will talk about circular economy, ecodesign and inclusive design, share international and Estonian stories of innovative products and services that are designed with people and business in mind, while minimizing environmental impact. We discuss whether it is possible to direct people to less consumption when designing services and products? How much do we really need to own and consume in order to feel good and be happy? Are all digital solution features really essential? Have we also taken into account the less digital capacity and accessibility of the population when creating digital solutions? We have left the last block as usual to the leaders. Like design thinking and the circular economy, we cannot speak about it at the organizational level unless there is a leader who passionately drives this mindset and culture. We are giving stage to three such leaders to share their experience.

Our goal at the conference is to provide the inspiration and tools to do more than just sort the garbage we have.

The early bird price until Midsummer Day (June 24th) is 279 euros plus VAT.
The conference participation fee is 349 euros plus VAT.
Come with your team! The price for more than 2 people from the same one organisation is 279 euros plus VAT. 

The conference is co-designed by

The Gallery of the Design Thinking Conference 2019