FOR WHOM? Conference for leaders, innovators and product or service developers.

WHY? We need a toolkit of new skills to drive innovation and create value in an increasingly complex, uncertain and connected world. Design Thinking is a creative way of solving complex problems. 

WHAT'S UP? We start with empathy and deep user understanding, we move on with the examples of how Design Thinking is an approach to innovation in the public and private sector, introduce the toolbox and end up with the visionary keynotes on creating a corporate culture that supports the innovative thinking. 

HOW? We practice what we preach! Every presenter gives you practical advice on how to apply Design Thinking to your business. You can also pick one of the tools relevant to you and participate in a 60-minute practical workshop coached by the experienced designers.

The Gallery of the Design Thinking Conference 2018   26. September at Öpik Conference Centre, Ülemiste                                                                                                City, Valukoja 8

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